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If you’re responsible for your your brand’s social Media presence, you’ve likely felt the pressure before.

Managing social media is complex. Perhaps your boss wants to know that your efforts are paying off. Or other teams want to make sure you’re on the same page.

Social media reporting is more than a numbers game. Providing real-world data examples from your brand’s social media can open the eyes of your stakeholders.

Like an artist perfecting a particular technique, social media reporting is an essential skill for marketers. You have to pay attention to the right details to convey a meaningful story so your audience can understand and have actionable next steps for your business. It requires the right balance of analytics and creativity to paint the entire picture and get your point across.

The largest challenge?

Presenting your social data in a way that actually makes sense to your colleagues. As businesses invest more in social media, they want to make sure they’re receiving a positive return on investment (ROI). Reporting can help illustrate your social activities to your team and justify your strategy.

Before putting together the report itself, think about who will look at the report. Who are you trying to show the bigger picture to?

Perhaps the marketing team wants a simple breakdown free of industry jargon, or a manager who isn’t social savvy. Or maybe your entire organization wants to know what you’re doing.

Based on your audience, you can better determine the level of detail and what points to highlight.

For example, marketing teams are interested in campaign-specific performance data. Meanwhile, leadership might be laser-focused on conversions and financial figures.

No matter who’s going to see your report, they’re going to want to see hard numbers related to your efforts. Pull the data that’s most important to the stakeholders and use those metrics to guide the context in your report.

A visual representation of your data and talking points is a good start. This makes your social media reporting even easier to digest at a glance.

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