Dashboards and Reporting:
The visualization service you need.

Allow us to create and maintain your live Dashboards while you concentrate on Marketing.

44% of marketers (Brand and Account Managers) say creating infographics as part of reporting is difficult and time-consuming (Visme)

Our mission will be to ensure that your Business or Clients (if you are an Agency) have one thing less to be concerned about. 

Data has been redacted to maintain client confidentiality
Contains Search Console, Analytics, Facebook Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram data
You can change the date and time period to see the history!
(The data is restricted and minimal to keep Client confidentiality)

This Dashboard has 4 pages containing the following: 

 Select the pages and see what we can do for you.
Reporting Services

Create, Change and Maintain

Without Reports and Statistics you cannot tell the full story.

We will create, change, maintain and monitor live interactive dashboards for you. 

Dashboard Monitoring

When your company needs to shine.

We will monitor the Dashboards to ensure that all campaigns, websites, social channels, etc. are sending information as they should.


The Dashboards will be available to you 24/7


You will be able to access the live Dashboards and download reports at any time.

Data Access

Access to the Dashboard, report and data must be protected.

We will  only provide access to the dashboard and reports on your instruction.

Data Connectors

Another problem we will take care of for you.

We own and pay for all connecters that may be required. 


We provide all the mentioned services at an affordable cost

We want long term business that benefit both parties – the pricing is structured accordingly.