What We


Digital Marketing

Knowing the Audience

The brief from the customer is the starting point but not the end.

Competitor analysis must be done to ensure that we get the ‘full’ picture. 

Keywords and Tracking

Another minefield for the uninitiated – 

Keywords (Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative) should be carefully researched to target the correct Audience otherwise the Business objectives may not be reached or will cost more than what it should. 

Ecommerce and the Sales Funnel

The Sales Funnel is a way to understand the journey customers take on an eCommerce site or app as it guides them towards desired actions, called conversions.

The goal of the funnel is to inform and educate visitors, qualify them as buyers and turn leads into customers – as efficiently as possible.


Interactive Reporting via Dashboards -this is our forte!

Google Analytics, Facebook Insight, Data Studio and Other tools.

Without reporting you cannot tell the story to the customer or client.

We use the individual Social platform tools or combine the data from various sources into collection tools such as Data Studio, Hootsuite and others to create interactive dashboards for easy reference. 


We will create Goals, Conversion tracking and other metrics with the web development team or Google Tag Manager as required.

We will create a Sales Funnel to understand the journey customers take and guide them towards desired actions an conversions. 


Wherever you are

Platform Integration

Businesses today need to be active on social media in order to retain customers and drive more sales. We live in a world where social media is now the X factor between you and your competitors. Our services help you maximize what your social media can do, so that you can rise above the competition.

Advert Campaigns & Management

Campaign management means identifying the strategies you will use to support your business goals, then designing, planning, testing and monitoring the campaign, and analyzing the results along the way.